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HPE and Nutanix’s Partnership

HPE and Nutanix are partnering to deliver a jointly engineered integrated system and an infrastructure as a Service offering. With Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software integrated in the HPE factory, the HPE ProLiant DX family of systems enables organizations to build infrastructure delivering the simplicity and agility of public cloud services, with the control and security required in private cloud environments.


HPE ProLiant DX Series

  • A range of qualified platforms and configurations validated by HPE and Nutanix
  • Tuned optimized hardware settings for Nutanix environments via HPE workload matching
  • Seamless lifecycle management (LCM) and support processes with 3 year next business day hardware support and iLO advanced licensing included. An optional 5 year next business hardware support offering is also available

HPE and Nutanix Have Your Back

DX appliances ship with 3 year next business day hardware support included. Nutanix continues to provide its world-class technical support for the software portion and customers engage HPE directly for all hardware related issues. Nutanix and HPE coordinate on Technical Support and provide a warm handoff of support cases where required, helping to ensure customers receive a seamless experience.


Benefits of HPE and Nutanix’s Partnership:

  • Build a complete private cloud infrastructure with HPE GreenLake or HPE ProLiant DX systems integrated with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software.
  • Eliminate expensive and complex storage area networks by simplifying your datacenter using on-board storage resources in HPE ProLiant DX systems.
  • Radically simplify infrastructure management with one-click software upgrades, infrastructure scaling, and troubleshooting – freeing IT staff to focus on business applications rather than the infrastructure.
  • Start small and scale your infrastructure without limits by adding ProLiant DX systems one at a time to your cluster.
  • Cut the cost of virtualization with the Nutanix AHV hypervisor and integrated virtualization management.
  • Build your private cloud easily with HPE GreenLake or HPE ProLiant DX systems and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software with no change to your HPE tooling or operations.

HPE GreenLake with Nutanix

With a pay-as-you-go consumption model HPE GreenLake with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software provides infrastructure on-demand on-premises that are billed as it is used. There is no up-front purchase. In addition to a public cloud-like billing model, customers also have the option to outsource operations to HPE PointNext services.


Why HPE GreenLake?

HPE GreenLake is the industry-leading aaS solution for on-premises IT. With variable payments based on actual metered usage of the workload or resources, rapid scalability ahead of customer capacity needs, and enterprise-grade management and support, HPE GreenLake delivers a cloud experience to customers’ data center or co-location environment. And HPE GreenLake can take on the parts of IT operations that really don’t help to drive business innovation, delivering a managed environment but leaving the customer in control.

Customers are putting this solution to work in many ways. But here are three important ways to get value from this solution.

  • A platform for end user computing -- a high performance VDI infrastructure that you pay for as it delivers value.
  • A database platform tailored to the needs of the most common databases, delivered as a service.
  • A general private cloud with the automation that Nutanix has developed and the cloud-like experience of HPE GreenLake.