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Leader in Threat Detection and Response (威胁发现与响应专家)
Threatbook is a China's new generation of enterprise grade cybersecurity company in which expertise on cyber threat detect and response. The company devote to continuous collect the worldwide threat intelligence and add in the Threatbook's product portfolio as the key advantage of Threatbook detect and response platform. Threatbook launches a comprehensive solution for customer to proactive threat detection. The detection bases on network traffic, endpoint to form a multi-dimensional inspection (cloud+traffic+endpoint). The comprehensive platform helps customer to establish a fully life cycle of threat monitoring system. With third parties'recognition, Threatbook  has been selected as one of the top 500 global cybersecurity companies for number of times. Also selected in "Gartner Global Threat Intelligence Market Guide" from 2017-2020 with 3 consecutive years. Awarded "Red Herring Top 100 Asia”.

Threat Intelligence Platform-TIP
Product Descriptions:
Threatbook's Threat Intelligence is the first threat intelligence management, production, exchange platform. It provides enterprise customers with 3 key scenarios:
1. Key features are multi-intelligence feed integration, real-time intelligence consolidate management and sharing;
2. Local threat intelligence production, real-time threat correlation and analysis, deep mining of threat;
3. Integration of the security solutions, enhance the threat detection and response   
Integration of SOAR/SOC
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