Cyber Security 天空衛士 SkyGuard



SkyGuard, established in 2015, is a data security technology enterprise headquartered in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. SkyGuard advocates human-centric data security, specifically focusing on Data Leakage Prevention (DLP). The company offers DLP solutions and implementation strategies that encompass Web, Email, End-Point, Cloud, and Mobile devices. Through the utilization of Unified Content Security (UCS) and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis, SkyGuard effectively integrates security into its Unified Content Secure Server (UCSS) platform, providing comprehensive protection for various data contents within enterprises. SkyGuard's technology has been widely adopted in government offices, high-tech manufacturing, large enterprises, finance, and Internet companies. The brand has received recognition from customers, official media, and consultancy firms through multiple awards. The core team at SkyGuard comprises individuals with approximately 20 years of R&D and business experience in multinational cybersecurity companies, originating from Silicon Valley in the United States.



•        4-year consecutively listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner EDLP Market Guide
•        Ranks No. 1 in IDC China Data Leakage Prevention Market Report, reaching 23.1%
•        Ranks Top 5 in IDC China Data Security Software Market Report, reaching 4.3%
•        2-year consecutively listed as a monitored vendor in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CASB, having four functional pillars of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB): Visibility, Compliance, Data Security, and Threat Protection



• Support multiple languages: traditional Chinese, English, simplified product interface and documentation. 
Elasticsearch database - SkyGuard DLP Network Discovery scan supports JDBC connection and data content scan if Elasticsearch database enables JDBC service.

OCR Scan - Supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese languages.

Reverse Proxy Support - Supports Reverse Proxy to protect web servers from attacks and DLP.

Different Modes Support - Supports Explicit, Transparent, and Reverse Proxy modes.

SMB Protocol Detection Support - Supports DLP Network Discovery scan for SMB file shares.

File Similarity Fingerprint Offline Collection Support - Supports file fingerprint content classification and directory fingerprint.

Endpoint Watermark Control Support - Supports on-screen, app, and print Plain Text/QR Code/Vector/Imperceptible watermarking.