Data Management Aishu

Founded in Changsha in 2003 and established in Shanghai in 2006, AISHU is a leading global data capability service provider. It provides innovative big data infrastructure with an open platform + ecological model. Through the integration, governance, insight and protection of global data, it realizes the asset-based and knowledge-based data, and jointly builds data-driven organizations with customers.
Headquartered in Shanghai and Changsha, the company currently employs about 1,700 people worldwide, with business in more than 60 countries and regions, more than 1,000 partners, and more than 27,000 customers, distributed in various industries such as finance, high-end manufacturing, operators, government, and public utilities.
About AnyBackup
AnyBackup Express 7 is a data protection software that is flexibly deployed on IT infrastructure for small and medium-sized application scenarios. It provides second-level and hour-level data protection solutions for traditional applications and modern workloads. It is cost-effective, easy to use, and has comprehensive protection advantages, supporting for on-demand subscriptions.
1. Unity
  • Unified management: Protect data both on premises and cloud and provide unified backup and archive policy for better management.
  • Unified protection: Support backup,CDM and CDP in a single solution to satisfy different RTOs/RPOs.
2. Security
  • Data security: HTTPS Two-way authentication,encryption in data transfer and storage,three-tier key system,comprehensively guarantee data security
  • Data integrity: Backup data integrity guarantee for recoverability
  • Anti-ransomware: Ensure backup data not to be tempered or deleted with immutable storage and forced data retention
3. Efficiency
  • Incremental forever backup: One full backup + incremental backup forever, improving backup efficiency by 8.3X
  • Backup for massive small files: Multi-client and multi-channel backup, improving backup performance by 27X
  • Instant recovery: Mount and recovery 13TB+ of data with 6min
  • Source deduplication: Reduce data to be transferred and improve backup performance. Cumulative deduplication rate can be over 95%