Cyber Security AppDynamics


AppDynamics delivers business context to Cisco full-stack observability by providing real time insights that drive revenue and results.
With full-stack observability, we can correlate enterprise-wide data and metrics to provide deeper insights for cross-domain remediation across application, user, and business channels. Our goal is to provide business context around every metric, KPI, and alert so that your IT teams can identify and tackle mission critical issues first. We’ve built a solution that helps you see, understand, and optimize what happens across your entire application delivery chain—all through the lens of business impact.
Our solution enables you to automate incident management, gain real-time performance metrics, and optimize applications to meet business needs moment to moment. No other solution offers application modernization, cloud and hybrid monitoring, and application security with business context. Through industry-leading full-stack observability we enable businesses to optimize performance and costs and exceed customer expectations at every level.

The principles of the AppDynamics Business Observability Platform

1. Provide business context deep into the application environment

2. Align teams across the organization to focus on shared priorities

3. Act with confidence on what matters most to the business