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Next-Gen CASB: Zero-Day data & threat protection, any app, any device, anywhere
What is a CASB? Cloud Access Security Broker
A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a policy enforcement point that delivers data and threat protection in the cloud, on any device, anywhere.
There are three requirements for a CASB vendor:
  • Management: Visibility and clean-up after high-risk events
  • Security:  Preventing high-risk events such as data leakages and threat intrusions
  • Zero-Day protection: Protection from known and unknown data leakage risks and malware threats
Correspondingly there are three types of CASB:
  • API-only that deliver only management. Such CASB use API access to SaaS apps to remediate after data-leakage events.
  • Multi-mode First-Gen that deliver management and security, but not Zero-Day protection.  Such CASB offer signature-based protection for known data leakage paths and a fixed set of applications
  • Multi-mode Next-Gen that deliver management, security and Zero-Day protection.  Such CASB dynamically adapt to deliver protection for known and unknown data leakage risks and malware threats, on any app.


How bitglass helps?
With support for managed apps like Office 365 and AWS, as well as unmanaged apps like personal Dropbox and social media, Bitglass is built to protect data in real time across your most critical enterprise applications. The Bitglass Zero-day CASB Core dynamically adapts to the constantly evolving enterprise cloud footprint, delivering real-time data and threat protection, identity management, and visibility.
Data Protection
  • Prevent data leakage with comprehensive, real-time DLP – watermark, redact, quarantine, and more.
  • Secure mobile access without agents – selectively wipe corporate data, enforce device policies, and stop unauthorized access.
  • Confidently store sensitive information in the cloud with encryption of files and field-level data.
Threat Protection
  • Leverage user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to detect suspicious behavior and halt even insider threats.
  • Defend against known and unknown malware with Bitglass’ ATP, powered by Cylance AI.
  • Identify zero-day threats at rest, at upload and on download without cumbersome definition updates.
  • Authenticate users across all applications via single sign-on (SSO) with any identity provider (IdP).
  • Employ multi-factor and step-up authentication to confirm users’ identities and respond to risky logins.
  • Use contextual access controls to limit data access by device type, job function, geographic location, and more.
  • Monitor all cloud apps through one portal that offers complete visibility and insightful analytics.
  • Enable audit and configure notification settings to alert administrators of high-risk data outflows.